Military Student Mentoring


About the Project

The Military Student Mentoring project had the following specific aims:

  • Develop Military Student Mentoring (MSM)—an intervention that had a service delivery model by which school districts can identify and engage military students/parents and a school-based mentoring model that met the needs of military students.
  • Gather evidence on the feasibility of implementing the MSM service delivery (MSM-SD) and MSM school-based mentoring (MSM-SBM) models.
  • Conduct a pilot study assessing the promise of MSM.

Our study was limited by the size of the sample and by the short duration of the mentoring, as well as by numerous significant group differences at baseline. Nevertheless, we found preliminary evidence that MentorConnections can be an effective way for schools to support military-connected students and families.

The MSM Principal Investigators

Tim Cavell, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Renée Spencer, Ed.D.

Principal Investigator


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